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The selection of drum winding packaging machine

Published by: Hua YataiRelease time: 2020-10-20 09:25点击:
The drum winding packaging machine is one of the many kinds of winding machines。It is mainly used to pack round and cylinder-shaped objects, which should be paid attention to when choosing?Today, Huayatai packaging machinery will come to tell you about its purchase。
The objects packaged by the cylindrical paper wrapping machine are round or round items。For example, non-woven fabrics, rubber cylinders, etc., such items are the objects of cylindrical paper wrapping machine packaging。Cylindrical paper wrapping machine can realize multi-directional packaging of cylindrical items, and finally realize the purpose of waterproof and dustproof。
Drum paper winding film machine is also divided into standard machine and non-standard machine 2 kinds。The marking machine does not have ejector device。The function of the ejector is to push the object that is trapped inside the turntable out of the turntable,Ejector and ejector are different,The ejector is on top of the turntable,After the goods are packed,Roller top automatically,Unload the goods from the turntable,To facilitate handling;The top pressing device is fixed on the column,To compress the cargo,It is used to prevent the displacement of goods during the rotation of the turntable。
Selection of turntable for wrapping machine。The drum paper wrapping machine and the tray winding machine have a tray,Also called a turntable,However, the turntable height of the cylindrical paper wrapping machine is higher than that of the ordinary tray winding machine,Because the rotary table of the drum paper wrapping machine contains rollers,The turntable requires attention in addition to its height,Another important technical indicator is the diameter of the turntable,This value determines how much cargo the winding machine can pack,Standard equipment generally has two diameters,One is 1650mm,One is 2000mm,If the goods are special,Can be customized。
The quality of the winding packaging machine needs to compare the details of the product, and a good stack of details will cast into a high-quality finished product machine。 
These are the points that Huayatai packaging machinery needs to pay attention to in the purchase of winding machine, I hope to help you, if you have questions about the content of the article, you can call us or leave a message on the official website。
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