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Automatic vacuum packaging machine features!

Published by: Hua YataiRelease Time: 2020-10-15 09:35点击:
Automatic vacuum packaging machine is still popular in the packaging industry, it is suitable for meat processing, Western restaurant, snack food factory, Chinese restaurant, frozen food factory, meat processing plant and other places that need vacuum packaging。In order to understand the use of a packaging machine, we have to mention performance, characteristics, technology and other information。Next, take a look with Huayatai packaging machinery。
First, the main performance:
1, advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance;
2, the use of double synchronous belt film, controlled by the cylinder tensioning, automatic correction, automatic protection function, reduce loss;
3, the machine is matched with the measuring device, set bag making, filling, filling, printing, counting in one;
4. The opening and closing measuring device can be modified according to the material。
Second, work characteristics
1.Packaging machine packaging speed, each sealing only 1.5 seconds;Instantaneous heating, within 5 seconds can make the heating sheet work, into the sealing state;
2.If the packaging machine does not operate within 60 seconds, it will automatically stop and enter the standby state, saving power;
3.Packaging machine improved design, careful manufacturing, a wide range of use, regardless of the size of the package, without adjusting the machine can be packed;
Iii. Technical Description:
1.The belt guide used in the packaging machine solves the problems of the wear of the ordinary plastic belt guide wheel and the cassette of PP belt。
2.The packaging machine uses a blade with a hardness of 65, which greatly improves the ability to cut the tape and the life of the blade。
3.The packaging machine uses resin casters, which are more convenient for mechanical movement, and the casters will not be deformed under long-term load。
4.The packaging machine adopts the aluminum alloy frame, the body shell adopts the combined construction method, the carton vacuum packaging machine can determine the size of the bow frame according to the size of the package。
Four, accessories and their characteristics:
1, the packaging machine uses advanced Chinese touch screen control, the operation is simpler;
2, in the product packaging, you can also print the date once completed。Save time and cost;
3, the machine structure is optimized design, disassembly, cleaning more convenient;
4, horizontal, vertical sealing temperature single control, better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;
5, intelligent design, no empty package when there is no cutting。
The purpose of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen,It is conducive to high temperature cooking, reducing the evaporation of product water, preventing products from being stained with water, and avoiding the bumping of packaging items,Nowadays, more and more products are packaged,The use of fully automatic vacuum packaging machines is also increasing,May this article of Huayatai Packaging machinery be helpful to your understanding of the machine。
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