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What are the advantages of automatic bag feeding vacuum packaging machine?

Published by: Hua YataiRelease time: 2020-08-28 14:36点击:
Vacuum packaging is very familiar to everyone。The food through the vacuum packaging machine can achieve the function of preservation and extension of product shelf life。It is an indispensable packaging equipment for food enterprises at present。Do you know what advantages it has?Let's let Hua Yatai's small editor explain it to you。
1. Simple operation
Packaging machine adopts color man-machine interface touch screen。After setting the packaging parameters according to different product requirements, the one-click operation is simple and convenient, which is convenient for production personnel to control。
2, equipped with protection reminder device
When the automatic bag feeding vacuum packaging machine encounters unstable air pressure or other abnormal conditions in the production process, it will automatically prompt and prompt the production personnel to stop and check the processing。
3, automatic detection function
When the equipment grabs the packaging bag, it finds the non-standard or unqualified packaging bag, stops feeding and heat sealing, and the packaging bag can be reused to reduce the loss of packaging materials。
4, flexible and convenient operation
Automatic bag feeding vacuum packaging machine, can pack a variety of specifications, sizes of products。The bag width can be adjusted to the appropriate size by motor control。Only one key operation, can adjust multiple stations at the same time。
5. There are many kinds of packaging
Automatic bag vacuum packaging machine can package liquid, paste, paste, solid, powder, particle, strip and other shapes and specifications of products。Suitable for composite film, silicone, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP and other materials of packaging bags。
6, accurate measurement
Packaging machine is equipped with automatic measuring equipment, for different materials have different measuring equipment, such as: multi-head combination weighing, accurate measurement, automatic production, improve enterprise production efficiency。
7, automatic production, high efficiency
Adopt the whole process automatic control。Automatic bagging, automatic metering, blanking, heat sealing and vacuum output are completed in one production line。The whole operation process does not require manual operation。After the equipment parameters are set before packaging, one person can control multiple equipment at the same time, saving labor costs and improving enterprise production efficiency。
The above is the seven advantages of the automatic bag feeding vacuum packaging machine, I hope to help you。
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