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Vertical up and down "L" type automatic sealing shrink packaging machine

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1. Technical features:

a) FL-5545TBD is a fully automatic unmanned "L" type sealing and cutting machine developed by our company, which is widely used in mass production of packaging, automatic feeding, conveying, bagging, sealing and shrinking at one time, with high working efficiency, especially suitable for higher and larger size products
b) The sealing part is driven vertically。The sealing contact surface is uniform。Vertical drive can overcome the traditional "L" type automatic sealing and cutting packaging machine wrinkles and sealing line is not in the middle of the product。Achieve excellent sealing effect
c) The machine adopts PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm device, and the sealing and cutting system can continue to make smooth sealing action, without replacement, maintenance and operation is very simple
d) Feed length control through the combination of electric eye and timer, accurately control the film length
e) Install two sets of horizontal and vertical electric eyes, easy to switch and select, for thin or small packaging, can easily complete the sealing packaging operation
f) Automatic winding waste, using a separate motor control, will not be too loose or too tight and pull, waste is easy to disassemble
g) Packaging products of different heights, the lifting of the sealing tool is driven by the motor, and can be completed by just touching the button
h) According to the needs of different sizes of product packaging, automatic blowing can be added
i) With high and low detection memory function, greatly improve production efficiency
j) SM-5030LX adopts lower air, and the air volume is arbitrarily adjusted by the inverter
k) The transmission is controlled by the frequency converter, and the speed is stepless and adjustable
l) The upper part of the furnace cavity can be opened for easy cleaning and maintenance
m) The whole process of packaging can be seen through the window on the front of the device
n) The front power feed line and the rear unpowered storage platform can be selected as required

2. Scope of application:

  • Suitable for all kinds of CD, DVD, cosmetics, electronic products, printing, color box, greeting card, small electrical appliances, photo album, picture frame, picture frame and other products single packaging or combination packaging, suitable for mass production
Three, technical parameters:
型号 FL-5545TBD/M SM-5030LX
Mechanical size: L* W* H(mm) 1615*835*1470 1900*1050*1320
Sealing knife size: L* W(mm) 550*450 /
Chamber size: L* W* H(mm) / 1500*500*300
Packaging size range: W+H(mm) L+H(mm) ≤430mm  ≤500mm 1500*450*250
Packaging capacity (depending on the size and shape of the package) 20-35 20-60
Power supply, power 1ph, 220v, 50/60HZ  5.5KW 3ph, 380v  16KW
Air pressure (kg/cm²) 5.5 /
Available shrink film types POF,  PE POF,  PVC,  PE

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