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Cuff type automatic sealing shrink packaging machine

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1. Technical features:

· ST-6030AH+SM-6040M automatic cuff packaging machine is designed for a single object or a product without a base. This machine is connected to the production line to automatically feed, wrap, seal, shrink, cool and finalize the automatic packaging equipment without manual operation。Can be 6 bottles (2×3), 8 bottles (2×4), 9 bottles (3×3), 12 bottles (3×4), 15 bottles (3×5), 18 bottles (3×6), 20 bottles (4×5), 24 bottles (4×6) and other packaging forms。

· ST-6030AH introduced foreign advanced technology and process production, equipment performance is stable and reliable

· Adopt OMRON "PLC" programmable program controller to realize the integration of machine, electricity and gas

· The machine can carry out two, three, four rows of heat shrink packaging with or without a base according to the production requirements, and only need to change the switch on the panel when changing the packaging form

· Using worm gear reducer, the feed conveying and film conveying are stable and without jitter

· Specially designed sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, non-cracking, not easy to stick the knife;Plastic steel conveyor belt wear resistance, high strength

· Automatic feeding device can be selected according to bottle shape

· When packaging color film, it is necessary to add a color calibration system for accurate positioning

· Modular design, changing different bottle shapes can also be completed instantly

· The feed conveyor can be designed to feed on the left side or the right side according to the needs of the site

· SM-6040M adopts imported double air motor, so that the hot air in the furnace cavity is evenly distributed, and the shrinkage effect is more beautiful

· The use of solid steel rod outsourcing imported silicone tube, chain rod conveyor durable。Can also use different materials according to the different products of the conveyor chain;

· Inverter control transmission speed, stepless speed regulation

· Large air volume cooling system, the product quickly cooled after heat shrinkage

· Aluminum roller table can be selected at the back end of the shrinkage furnace, and the product will not fall to the ground after packaging

2. Scope of application:

· Suitable for beverages, beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles with paper holders, cartons and other collection or single shrink packaging。

Three, technical parameters:

                        ST-6030AH SM-6040M
Mechanical dimensions L×W×H(mm)   1384×2716×1991 2800×900×1690
Chamber size L×W×H(mm) / 1800×600×400
Package size L×W×H(mm) 400×300×300 1500×400×300
Transverse sealing tool size L(mm) 700 /
温度(0C) 0-200 0-400
Table height (mm) 850±50 850±50
Packing speed (pieces/min) 6-14 25-30
Net weight (kg) 490 650
Power (kw) 1.5 24
电源 3PH 380V 50Hz 3PH 380V 50Hz
External air source (kg/cm2) 6-8 /
Applicable shrink film PE PE

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