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How to choose electric baler

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At present, there are many kinds of balers in the packaging market, and their functions are different. How to choose the baler suitable for their own use?What problems need to be paid attention to when choosing a baler?Shenzhen Chuangmeng Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of packaging machinery, with strong professional technical force and senior senior after-sales service personnel, over the years of product innovation, to perfect after-sales service system and professional technical service force so that we have the confidence to become the pioneer of the industry。Now how to choose electric baler for you。

1, can minimize the packaging cost, at least about 15%, at the same time, through the continuous innovation of Da high-tech for many years, the use of combination strength than the ordinary baler increased twice, so that the product in the logistics and transportation of the safety factor is greatly improved, for your valuable products escort。

2, without any metal buckle, no indentation, avoid the problem of scratching the baler, improve the beauty of the packaging。

3. When the packing and bonding work of the baler is completed, the indicator light will flash green, and the buzzer will prompt after the flashing。

4, when the battery is low, the indicator flashes red and continues to beep to charge in time to continue to use。

5, according to the different needs of the product, the electric baler can pack multiple bonding points to achieve the bonding effect close to the master tape tension。

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