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The ultra-small size is suitable for corner sealing machine

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There is no denying that the automatic sealing machine has begun to replace the original baler market and entered a comprehensive state of rapid development。More and more large and small factories need sealing machines, and they will be purchased repeatedly。CFH-5050 corner edge sealing machine is made of BOPP adhesive paper as sealing material. After sealing the center line in a shape by the front section, it is pushed through the L-shaped corner and transported into the carton for corner edge sealing。When the carton size changes, the size needs to be adjusted manually, which only takes 1 minute to complete。The upper and lower drive belt automatically corrects and transports the carton. It is fast and stable when sealing the carton. It is suitable for all types of carton。Table height, carton width height can be adjusted independently, simple and practical。Elegant shape, equipped with blade protection device, to avoid accidental stabbing during operation。The machine is stable and durable with long service life。The fuselage comes with four high-strength brake wheels, which makes the transposition work very convenient。

It can be used independently or with packaging lines, and is widely used in electronics industry, audio, food, electrical appliances, printing, paper products, medicine and other industries.Labor resources can be greatly saved in the current situation of tight labor market,Using large size adhesive paper (e.g. 1000 yards) can reduce the paper core,Adhesive paper costs will also be reduced,And the trim is standard,Will not cause waste or manual sealing is not tight, offset paper, paper wrinkles,Unsightly long on one side and short on the other。Therefore, the machine sealing box is more beautiful, faster and more efficient than manual tape!

This model from the original 320*200*180 minimum limit, successfully reduced to 200*200*90 cartons, can use a font sealing machine connected to the corner sealing machine, open up the market segment, more popular, if customers need to direct the union to confirm the details。

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