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Shrink film packaging machine common troubleshooting

Published by: Hua YataiRelease time: 2020-08-12 17:08点击:
In the shrinkage film packaging machine used for a long time, or because the instrument is not familiar, there are often some problems, today Huayatai packaging machinery will explain to you the common problem solutions。
First, the packaging machine cover does not work
Check whether there is no power supply, the stroke is opened without action, just adjust the stroke switch automatic thermal contraction。
Second, the packaging machine heating, while not heating phenomenon
If the heat shrink film packaging machine does not heat the short circuit between the packaging bag strip and the heating device, this situation will occur. At this time, we only need to adjust the position of the brazing sheet or repair the packaging bag strip。
Third, the waste film of the film packaging machine is always broken
When sealing and cutting, the upper and lower film are asymmetrical, and the waste film collection is always pulled off。In general, this situation may be that the machine parameters are not adjusted correctly;Long-term use of the machine may have parts damaged or offset。You can consider a bag packaging machine, which will be a lot more stable。
Four, packaging machine frequent burning insurance failure
There is a short circuit, check and remove;Motor reversal time is too long, any two-phase power line replacement installation;Oil viscosity is too high, clean the pump and change the oil。
Five, packaging machine sealing uneven, heat shrinkable film packaging machine is not tight or not sealed
There are many reasons for this,There are: steel box deformation,Just adjust the box;Heating time Jade heating temperature is not well adjusted this situation will also occur,We just need to adjust to fit;If there is an attachment on the heating cloth,We can gently scrape away with our fingernails;The pressure solenoid valve does not act, the air bag is damaged, and the pressure gas pipe is damaged, which will also cause the seal to be uneven and not tight,We just need to clean or replace it。
Six, the pump of the packaging machine does not vacuum fault
Because the studio is not covered tightly, we only need to cover the studio tightly.Motor rotation will also occur without vacuuming, adjustment can be。
Problems can be found that can not be solved when you can check the manual or directly contact the after-sales personnel。Huayatai packaging machinery suggests that you can regularly train machinery maintenance personnel and machine users, so that problems will not delay daily work tasks。And to maintain and overhaul the instrument regularly。
The above is the solution to some problems of Huayatai packaging machinery about the instrument, and I hope to help you。
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