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Huayatai cooperated with the government to fight the epidemic prevention war and strive to provide sufficient mask packaging machines

Published by: Hua YataiRelease time: 2020-02-25 14:31点击:

From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, the "new coronavirus" has come to our side and become an uninvited guest。

So, Xiaobian believes that everyone now knows what kind of disease is the "new coronavirus"。


If infected with the "new coronavirus" after,So when you get the virus,A form of pneumonia can develop,This type of pneumonia has a 14-day cycle of onset,In other words, if you really have the new coronavirus,,Then it takes about 14 days for the patient to find out,Fever, fatigue, and a dry cough may appear at first,Difficulty breathing and other symptoms,In severe cases, death may occur。This virus has never been found before, with the passage of time, medical personnel found that this is a virus spread by droplets, so Hua Yatai Xiaobian to remind everyone to go out and do a good job of self-protection, wear a good mask, and stay away from crowded places。


Since the beginning of the virus, we all know the importance of masks, masks have been slowly out of stock, but more people realize that medical personnel and police officers who stick to their posts need masks more than ordinary people, and they have generously donated, so they will buy masks free of charge to frontline personnel。

At the same time, when the public learned that masks, alcohol and other medical products are helpful in fighting the epidemic, they are also purchased in large quantities, of which the shortage is especially the epidemic prevention treasure - masks。Every day all over the country, there are scenes of "heavy demand" and "a difficult demand"。As a result, masks are in short supply。

In order to better fight against the epidemic, the state called on mask manufacturers to provide the motherland with more masks to protect the life safety of front-line personnel and ordinary people under the premise of protecting the health of workers, and many companies have responded to the call of the state and contributed their modest efforts to the motherland's fight against the epidemic。


But in the process of production,Most companies have found their packaging line is very tight,这时,As a domestic enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, research and development, production and manufacturing of packaging machines - Huayatai,Follow the national call,Cooperate with the government to fight the epidemic,I went to work right after the Spring Festival,Under the premise of ensuring the health of every worker,Working overtime to provide mask packaging machines that meet national standards for domestic mask manufacturers。

A national hero emerges, and it is this unknown hero that makes the fight against the epidemic become warm。Not only that, but also the "most beautiful contrarians" who face the difficulties have voluntarily joined the epidemic "competition" in the worst-affected areas。


In the fight against the epidemic, Huayatai silently paid for the people of the whole country, just to wait until the spring opens and the epidemic is no longer, all Chinese people can drink freely and celebrate the motherland through the difficulties!

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