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The 27th China Packaging Industry Exhibition is about to start, Huayatai strength to participate

Published by: Hua YataiRelease time: 2020-07-22 18:26点击:
The 27th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition, which has attracted the attention of the packaging industry, will be held in China ▪ Guangzhou • China Import and Export Fair Hall (Zone A) from March 4-6, 2020 with the theme of "Intelligent packaging, opening the future"。
The 27th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition compared to previous years, the scale of the exhibition was upgraded, the exhibition area exceeded 120,000 square meters, 12 pavilions were opened, and the exhibitors exceeded 1,500。The exhibition continues to build a comprehensive packaging industry chain display platform as an important task, with six new features: "smart packaging + smart logistics", "food packaging", "liquid packaging", "comprehensive packaging", "product identification" and "Packaging products and materials".。Covering food, food processing industry, catering industry, beverage/dairy/wine, daily chemical, medicine/health products, home appliances /3C, express delivery, e-commerce, automobile and other multi-dimensional terminal fields, become the industry's attention!
The previous China International Packaging Industry Exhibition has attracted excellent enterprises from all over the world to participate in the packaging industry, the number of booths is in short supply every year, so the enterprises that can have a place in the exhibition are the industry leader, Huayatai has the honor to become the exhibitor of this exhibition。
But it is no accident that Huayatai can participate in the exhibition,Huayatai has been committed to the research and development of packaging machinery for 15 years,Constantly break through oneself,Produce mechanical equipment to adapt to the development of The Times,And won the national high-tech enterprises, China packaging machinery top ten brands and other special certificates,The machinery and equipment developed by the company has also served dozens of China's top 500 enterprises, such as Uni-President Enterprise, Guangdong Xizilang, China Want Want, Bright Dairy, Golden Dragon Fish Skyworth Group, and Midea Group,And received unanimous praise。
Huayatai can develop so far not only by the hard power of research and development technology, but also the soft power of caring service for customers。Huayatai provides packaging product solutions for every customer who buys machinery and equipment free of charge, and adjusts procedures for customers free of charge, and sets personalized procedures belonging to customers, so that each program and the corresponding program can be closer to the customer's situation, so that the production efficiency of customers is greatly improved。
Not only that,Huayatai also makes a solemn commitment for customers: where to buy Huayatai packaging machinery and equipment,From the date of purchase,Machinery free warranty for one year,In case of mechanical failure,No need to return the machinery to the factory,Huayatai guarantees the Pearl River Delta region within 4 hours to send free on-site maintenance,Outside Guangdong Province within 24 hours free of charge to send door-to-door maintenance,Let customers use the rest assured,Ease of use,Really think about the customer。
Huayatai welcomes new and old customers to visit China ▪ Guangzhou • China Import and Export Fair Pavilion (Zone A) from March 4-6, 2020 for guidance and exchange。Huayatai and you will see each other!
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