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Common shrink machine types and related applications

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 Packaging machinery has been committed to the innovative research and development of thermal shrink packaging machine equipment, a lot of product series, the following details the common shrink machine types and related applications。

  Shrink machine product series covers: PE shrink film packaging machine, POF shrink film packaging machine, PVC shrink film packaging machine and other equipment, customized products from micro, small, medium, large, super large jointless butt。

  On the type of shrink machine, we Meg explained that there are many kinds of hot shrink packaging machines, which are distinguished from the material: PE shrink machine, POF shrink machine and PVC shrink machine。The model is much the same, the principle is the same。Manufacturers need to choose the right shrink machine model according to the customer's packaging requirements and product characteristics。

  The shrinking machine is divided into three main organs: heating mechanism, blowing mechanism, conveying mechanism, these parts have interrelated factors。

  Shrink machine application: In the field of packaging has a very important position, shrink machine is widely used, suitable for: printing, hardware, home, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries。

  General shrinkage machine used shrinkage materials are PVC, POF, PE and so on。At present, POF shrink film is the most widely used, with its good transparency, strong shrinkage, high willfulness, especially the good advantages of environmental protection are recognized and used by the majority of manufacturers。Also known as eco-friendly shrink film。So there are a lot of areas of use。

  PVC shrink film chemical name: polyethylene is a toxic material is not environmentally friendly, willfully low, gradually replaced by POF。It is generally suitable for chemical non-environmental protection industries。

  PE shrink film is generally the most widely used in the beverage industry, and its characteristics are: poor transparency, good williness, and strong tension are suitable for heavy shrink film packaging of products。Suitable for cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and other large quantities of automatic shrink packaging items。

  Choose the right packaging film according to the product, so that your product is better packaged。

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