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Pneumatic sealing and cutting shrink machine

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First, technical parameters:

1.Anti-viscosity and high temperature resistant alloy "L" type sealing knife, sealing neatly, no cracking, no coking, no smoking

2.Teflon coated non-stick sealing knife, sealing and cutting without mucous membrane

3.After the product is sealed and cut, it is automatically transported to the shrink furnace through the conveyor belt for shrink packaging

4.Hand shaker wheel is easy to adjust the conveyor belt height

5.The sealing and cutting time is precisely controlled by the time relay

6.Sliding film bracket can be placed in various specifications of shrink film, smooth punching device

7.FL-5545TB/7555TB The complete sealing and cutting action is automatically completed by the cylinder, which greatly reduces the work intensity and improves the production efficiency

8.Sealing tool with automatic anti-miscutting, anti-overheating protection device, effectively prevent miscutting packaging, to protect the safety of operators

9.Equipped with emergency stop device, in case of emergency can immediately stop the machine operation

10.Famous factory electrical components, stable performance

11.The electronic governor can adjust the conveyor belt speed arbitrarily

12.With double insulation device, the machine shell will not be too hot

13.Imported high temperature insulation curtain, greatly reduce the heat loss

14.The use of stainless steel heater, so that the shrinkage furnace heating up fast, high-power air motor, large air volume, uniform air transport, according to the size of the product, the output level can adjust the conveyor belt speed and furnace chamber temperature, in order to achieve the best shrinkage effect

15.The conveying chain uses a solid roller, and the external package is high-temperature resistant silicone tube, which can withstand heavier objects and the roller will not be deformed

2. Scope of application:

1.Suitable for electronics, hardware, plastic, software, food, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics and other industries of large volume shrink packaging
2.Suitable for PVC, POF, PP and other shrink packaging materials

Three, technical parameters:

  FL-5545TB FL-7555TB SM-5030
Mechanical dimensions L×W×H(mm)   1569×710×1060 1800×835×1060 1672×770×1560
最大包装尺寸 L+H(mm) H<200 ≤500 ≤700 1000×400×250
最大包装尺寸 W+H(mm) H<200 ≤400 ≤500 /
Maximum sealing size (mm) 500×400 750×550 /
Packing speed (pieces/hour)
Belt speed (m/min)
800-1200 800-1200 0-15M
Net weight (kg) 135 160 360
Power (kw) 1.2 1.5 12
电源 1PH 220V 50Hz 1PH 220V 50Hz 3PH 380V 50Hz
External air source (kg/cm2) 6-8 6-8 /
Applicable shrink film POF/PVC POF/PVC POF/PVC

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